Le Calligramme Memorial

Le Calligramme Memorial


Le Calligramme Memorial was designed for the Government of France, it is a soft sound sculpture, set into a table and pillar, constructed from French lime stone. It is intended as a gift of shared memory, looking at the past to understand the future, to celebrate the two countries enduring collaboration and deep fraternity.

A tabular of five interconnected forms defined by fives verses of a poem are inlaid in to the sculptures honed surface, with polished metal letters reflecting to the sky above. Its experience is ephemeral language and permanent materiality, combining to provoke beauty for people in a spatial, temporal and emotional engagement.

The spatial composition consists of three elegant parts: soft landscaping, a honed plinth beneath an intricate floating tabular, and a vertical sculpture. The narrative engagement is augmented by audio and lighting components. The programmable control of sound and light is secured in the adjacent dedicatory plaque.



Courtesy Naylor Love