We believe successful commercial design begins with a practical conversation. We look at the entirety of aspirations for a commercial project and develop strategies for a wide range of development models, buildings and masterplans. By using an integrated process model with value management and quality assurance programmes our commercial architecture team design to deliver value by producing high performance commercial solutions with fewer variations and faster permit times.


Each building is tailor-made as a strong representation of the client’s aspirations

Pattersons commercial architects are experts in detailed technical construction design and in complex associated building services and structural coordination. We look at the entirety of a commercial project to create a seamless construction experience from outside to inside. We can also concentrate on the interior alone.

In our approach to workplace design, we employ a concept of contemporary workspaces that generates and promotes modern ways of collaborating.


We material research, test and review. Our commercial design process is an inclusive ‘conversation’ that involves all the people who might build, use, sell, construct, consent or prove the project concurrently and cross-functionally.

We are also experienced in developing conservation and maintenance plans for heritage buildings. Research to understand the existing building is important to develop sensitive and appropriate strategies for adaptive reuse.