By looking at the trends influencing cities today we create communities for the future. We believe an emphasis on belonging, logically creates a sense of identity to a place and correspondingly, a sense of belonging for the users or inhabitants of that place. By researching identity, utility, amenity, cultural impact and context we can align both community and ecological impacts at the outset for effective urban design and high value civic solutions.


“Each project comes from selecting individual talents to create the right ‘super team’ for particular projects”.

We believe that sustainability encompasses good urban design, efficient transport design, careful selection of materials and construction methods, energy efficiency and considered management of resources. We promote a holistic approach to the study of cities and environments.


The more complex a design challenge, the more it benefits from multiple voices and philosophies. This conversation is across clients, planners, developers, consultants, engineers, market experts, citizens, public officials, specialist consultants, suppliers and contractors.

Buildings, neighbourhoods and cities can be designed to minimise pollution and carbon emissions. This implies not only using renewable energy sources (including wind, sun and water), but designing energy efficient buildings and masterplans that encourage vegetation and biodiversity.

We use an integrated process model for urban design and public buildings design which aligns community and ecological impacts at the outset. This produces high performance, high value civic solutions with fewer stakeholder variations and faster liaison times.

But mostly our buildings enjoy high community acceptance and support.