St Marks

Located amongst the suburban, leafy streets of Remuera, St Marks hosts a collection of open apartment spaces that wrap around a Western facing courtyard.

The development consists of two separate buildings broken up to resemble four buildings to breakdown scale, stepped along the edges of the junctions of the road.

The design explores and celebrates living defined by light. The three apartment buildings are distinct yet remain in consistency with each other via exterior and interior materiality. Drinking in the sun, each apartment complex is bathed in natural light.

Full length openings and natural finishing’s draw the outside in. An outdoor balcony complete with slider doors creates an extended space for families.

The design brief was to maximise the sites floor area whilst providing a good pedestrian flow and spatial outlook.

The design concept intertwines urban living in a suburban environment. The structures consist of 2 family living spaces per floor.

St Marks


Under construction